Avery Dennison® Monarch® Pathfinder® Mobile Printers

Built for efficiency

The Pathfinder printer series combines scanning, printing and applying processes into a unique one-piece handheld solution for faster markdowns and promotional labeling in retail, or inventory management within manufacturing and distribution.

The Fastest Price Marking Solution On The Market

Pathfinder® 6059:
Scan, RFID Encode, Print and Apply

Powered by the Android OS, the 6059 mobile printer not only enables scanning, printing, and applying of labels, but also has an option for RFID encoding….all in one handheld device. 

Retail Applications

The 6059 provides all the enhanced price-marking and consumer transparency benefits of the Pathfinder, as well as offering the RFID encoding option, empowering retailers to become 100% RFID enabled if desired. This new solution allows retailers to do RFID tagging for nearly any and all merchandise in a retail store - including those not tagged at source, returned merchandise, and even clearance items.   


Food Applications

Applied to the food market, the 6059 enables inventory accuracy and freshness transparency throughout the entire food supply chain. 

  • Produces label with 2D barcode that provides product details to the consumer
  • Can produce and apply RFID labels to food that are encoded with source information allowing the food to be tracked and accounted for throughout the supply chain
  • RFID significantly reduces inventory check times
  • Case / Lot labeling – 6059 scans case label of inbound shipment and prints individual item labels with product details such as lot numbers and date coding

Manufacturing and Distribution Center Applications

Like all Pathfinders, the 6059 optimizes routing and last mile logistics.  Additionally, with the RFID encoding capability, the new solution also:

  • Simplifies the inbound/outbound labeling process throughout the supply chain
  • Is the fastest method to RFID-encode products that arrive unlabeled
  • Applies RFID-encoded labels that include source information to packages so the items are tracked and accounted for throughout the supply chain

Pathfinder® 6059
Product Information
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Pathfinder 6140

Pathfinder® 6140:
Scan, Print and Apply - it's that simple

Retail Applications

Powered Manhattan Associates' GlobalBay price application software, the 6140 printer enables scanning and integrated print and apply capabilities to perform markdown and promotional labeling with greater speed and accuracy than conventional redpen techniques. It's perfect for central tracking of pricing events and dashboard reporting capabilities to ensure accuracy and continuous improvement.

Manufacturing and Distribution Center Applications

Quickly and accurately capture data, cross-dock, route, date code and perform compliance labeling, all of which can help reduce labor costs. Because bar code scanning, labeling, printing and applying can be performed with just one hand, employees are able to spend less time handling items, increasing labeling speed and accuracy.

Pathfinder® 6140 
Product Information
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Case Studies

Leading Men's Suit Retailer
In-Store Markdowns
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Apparel Retailer
In-Store Markdowns
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Printing Supplies for Pathfinder® Models

Selecting the appropriate handheld printer for your business is key, but so is making sure you have the right tags and labels for all of your applications. For professional-looking replicas of existing source tags, our Clear Ticket Replacement Labels work with any Pathfinder model to meet consumer expectations and elevate your brand. Our color imaging Pathfinder labels lets you print price or human -readable content in red or reverse image in white on red or black background.

Man scanning boxes

Industry Solutions

No matter your industry–food service, retail, manufacturing, or logistics–our innovative, intelligent, and sustainable labeling,printing products and services will elevate your brand and accelerate your supply chain performance.

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